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A growing trend, meditation and yoga can be a great way to maintain yourself between doctors visits. With the availability of the internet, you don’t even need to leave your house to get the best in yoga and meditation blogs. Below are the top 100 blogs, along with useful information, publications, and more.

Best Yoga and Meditation Blogs by a Site

These top yoga sites also offer blogs to give their visitors more information on the practice.

1. Yoga Buzz: Erica Rodefer offers the latest in yoga news and practices. It is also part of “Yoga Journal” which offers tons of tips on practicing yoga, offers products for sale, and has many contests.

2. Yoga Blog: From the experts at My Yoga Online, you can get tons of information on yoga from certified experts. It has information on nutrition, tips on yoga, and even a pose of the month.

3. Yoga Basics: Kelly and Timothy share their wisdom of yoga with their readers. There is even a special section for those new to yoga, along with message boards if you have any questions.

4. Lulemon Blog: Lulemon is an athletics provider for yoga and other sports. Their blog is full of information for those just starting or needing help with their yoga.

5. Yoga Today: Three yoga professionals share their wisdom in this tell all yoga blog. Get words for inspiration, health, meditation, nutrition, and even tips for kids.

6. True Yoga Life Blog: True Yoga is a total workout for your body and is located in Texas. Recent posts are on spiritualization, God’s will, and massage.

7. Yoga Meditation: Visit here for discussions on the tradition of the Himalayan masters and practices. Get video and audio on this blog, along with a link back to the main site with more information.

8. HNY Blog: Standing for Hot Nude Yoga, this blog is not for everyone. Learn more about this practice specifically for men by reading the blog or visiting the site.

Best Yoga and Meditation Blogs by a Professional

These professionals range from studio owners to masters of the practice. Read their blogs to learn more about yoga, meditation, and more.

9. Yoga Yoga Blogs: Located in Austin, this studio offers a variety of blogs to choose from. They include those for students, pre- and post-natal students. Ashtanga, Kundalini, and a blog by the managing partner.

10. Yoga Health Benefits: Learn about health and wellness through yoga from Patricia. Hundreds of entries cover the benefits, home remedies, tips, and much more.

11. New York Conference: Andrea and Valerie share their yoga travels in this blog. Posts often include pictures of travels and poses, as well as wisdom they have collected.

12. Ancient Wisdom, Modern Life: Katherine often blogs on daily life and how yoga can be incorporated into it. Recent entries were on addiction and the stresses of blogging.

13. Lexi Yoga: In addition to the blog, there is also a YouTube channel with more info. Recent blog posts were on wisdom, meaning, and even yoga for cancer.

14. Yoga Rants and Raves: Created by Sherry Goldstein’s Yoga Sanctuary, this blog intends to serve up provocative talk that’s also light-hearted and fun for both yogis and non-yogis. Topics range from rants to yoga for dogs.

15. Yeah Dave: David Romanelli is a Yahoo Wellness Expert, co-founder of At One Yoga in Arizona, and author of “Yeah Dave’s Guide to Livin’ the Moment.” Get posts on chocolate, wine, music, and naughty humor in addition to yoga.

16. YogaDork: This blogging community offers commentary on the latest yoga news with wit and wisdom. In addition to the interesting posts, you can also get links to must read articles and even recession yoga.

17. Dr. Tori Hudson: She is a naturopathic physician in Virginia with impressive credentials. Categories in her blog include natural information on bone health, cancer prevention, menopause, and more.

Best Yoga and Meditation Blogs by an Instructor

If you can’t see these or other yoga instructors in a class, stop by their blogs to learn the latest.

18. Cyndisphere: Cyndi Lee is a yoga expert at the OM Yoga Center in New York city. Get expert advice from this leading teacher by checking out her blog.

19. Deb’s Blog: She is part of the Prenatal Yoga Center in New York. Recent posts were entitled The Business of Being Born and 10 Helpful Hints for Pregnancy, Labor, and Postpartum.

20. Everything Yoga: This blogger is a certified Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist, Therapeutic Yoga Teacher, Thai Yoga Bodyworker, and Body Rolling practitioner. Visit the blog for tips, injury information, wisdom, and more.

21. Autumn Lotus Yoga: She is a Forrest Yoga teacher and wife. Her blog is on home life, yoga tips, and more.

22. Rama Mama: She is a corporate worker by day, peaceful yoga teacher by night, and mother of a baby girl. Recent entries were on how to meditate anywhere and whether to yoga or run.

23. It’s All Yoga, Baby: Roseanne is the former editor of “Ascent” magazine and a yoga teacher in Montréal. Learn about all things yoga and the yoga in all things from this blog.

24. The World According to Om Gal: Rebecca Pacheco is a yoga expert and sports fanatic who has appeared in national ad campaigns. Get posts on her life, yoga tips, and more.

25. AnmolMehta: This instructor shows you the mastery of meditation, yoga, and Zen. In addition to the blog, you can get resources such as free books, videos, and online classes.

Best Yoga and Meditation Blogs by a Student

Feel like you’re the only student not getting it? Then check out these blog by other learners of yoga to get more information and tips.

26. The Accidental Yogist: Follow Joni, an aspiring yogi, as she explores the Los Angeles yoga scene. Get tips on saving for classes, choosing an instructor, and more.

27. MahaMondo: This blogger is from Santa Monica and blogs on a roadmap to conscious living. Blog posts contain videos of yoga class and other items that interest him.

28. Southern Yogi: Flo is a yoga student from Georgia who is continuously studying, taking workshops, and hopes to become an instructor. Blog posts are on her progress, yoga, and things that interest her.

29. Zenfreckle: ZF is a doctoral candidate somewhere in the North who tries to find balance between the stressful world of academia and the peaceful Zen of a yoga path. Recent entries were on yoga for guitar, Yin yoga, and management.

30. Yoga Addicted: Mandy is a lover of yoga, vegetarianism, holistic practices, and related. Follow her as she explores this world and get her opinion on it all.

31. Yogini on the Web: A lawyer from New Jersey, this blogger looks for the inner summer. Recent posts include Janmashtami and becoming a survivor.

32. Yoga Chickie: Lauren is a former teacher who is now a stay at home mom in New York. Recent entries deal with autumn, yoga criticism, and five words that do not belong in yoga.

33. Chai & Yoga: Heidi works in Seattle and blogs about yoga and trying to make the most out of life. Entries deal with things she has enjoyed, as well as her daily life.

Best Retired Yoga and Meditation Blogs

Although they are no longer active, you can still get a great deal of wisdom for both meditation and yoga in these blogs.

34. Teacher Tells All: Get a view of yoga from the teacher’s perspective in this blog. Retired in December 2008, you can learn in-class etiquette, poses you hate, 10 reasons to do yoga, and more.

35. Yoga Makeover: What do you get when you cross a lawyer, triathlete, and another lawyer with yoga? A blog about how it changed them all written by the participants.

36. YouthAIDS: Seane Corn is a YouthAIDS Ambassador who traveled with Ashley Judd and also teaches yoga. This blog is about their travels in India in 2007.

37. Parenting Yoga Blog: Naomi Galley talks about parenthood, yoga, and daily life in her blog. There are even posts on how her children’s yoga is coming along.

38. Everything Yoga: Also a yoga store, this blog gives tips and views for the yoga minded. Posts are on self awareness, journeys, and more.

39. Ayurveda for You: This blog focused on alternative treatments to common ailments. The last entry contained dozens of oils and their various uses.

40. Samadhi & The City: Karen Macklin has blogged about every aspect of the local yoga scene, from new studios to exciting events, and even the presidential election. She even has her own website if you want to learn more.

41. Cambodia Seva Challenge: Seane goes off the mat and into the world in this overseas challenge. Learn more about her travels and experiences in this blog.

42. Live at Estes Park: Join these yoga enthusiasts on their related travels. There are also audio and video clips with even more information.

43. Sahaja Blog: Based in self realization, this is a specialty type of yoga. Learn more about it and its practice in this blog.

Best Yoga and Meditation Information

Go beyond blogs and get the latest news, along with tons of help for the yoga and meditation practitioner on these sites.

44. Yoga Site: Stop here for useful articles, along with a popular yoga store. You can also get a teacher directory, information on retreat centers, and postures.

45. ABC of Yoga: Learn everything there is to know about the yoga poses and exercises, along with the health benefits on this site. There are tips for getting started, popular poses, the latest news, and more.

46. Yoga Finder: Find classes, events, products, retreats, and even teacher’s training on this site. There are even resources for musicians and businesses.

47. YogaWiz: Get tons of information on yoga including many types from Ashtanga to Pranayama. There is also information on poses, diet, therapy, cleansing techniques, and more.

48. Sivanda Om Page: Learn the five points and paths of yoga from this Swami. You can also get resources on vacations, training, courses, and get the site in different languages.

49. My Yoga Online: A paid membership gives you unlimited video classes for beginners, pilates, meditation, and even at work. Free resources include sample videos, recipes, articles, and more.

50. Corepower Yoga: These studios are located in California, Colorado, Illinois, Minnesota, Oregon, and even offer classes online. Choose from Yoga on Demand and you can even get a coupon for a free week of yoga.

51. The Yoga Channel: Get a free video yoga class on this site. You can also get more information on poses, breathing, and more.

52. Kripalu Library: This leading center is located in Massachusetts and offers many free resources for yoga. Choose from articles, recipes, publications, stories, and even yoga breaks to download.

Best International Yoga and Meditation Information

Head outside the United States and get a view on yoga and meditation from all over the world on these sites.

53. Yoga UK: Visit this site to get a directory of classes, events, and holidays for those who live in the United Kingdom. There is even an FAQ with many useful answers.

54. Find Yoga: If you live in Australia and are interested in yoga, this is the site for you. It has a finder, message boards, upcoming events, and even help with postures.

55. Yoga in Canada: The largest online directory for Canadian yoga services, you can find classes, studios, teachers, and more. There is also information for those new to yoga and useful articles.

56. Yoga New Zealand: This site has lots of information for everyone from the beginner to the master. You can even download a free video for beginners on the site.

57. Yoga Classes Bangkok: They offer high quality teaching of Vinyasa flow practice based around Ashtanga Vinyasa. Classes are offered to all visitors and it is a highly ranked worldwide yoga studio.

58. Yoga in Asia: Stop here to learn all about yoga overseas including retreats, news, conferences, and more. Be sure not to miss Daily Yoga Practice to get useful tips.

59. Yoga Bhoga: Scotland’s yoga website, there is a directory, events, retreats, and even teacher training. There are also articles and resources if you want to learn more.

Best Specialty Yoga and Meditation Information

Dive into a specific area of yoga or meditation by checking out these sites and blogs.

60. Sahaja Yoga Medication: This process is an inner transformation which takes place when one becomes moral, united, integrated, and balanced. Get audio, video, and more on how to do this form of yoga.

61. Ashtanga: This method of yoga by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois involves synchronizing the breath with a progressive series of postures producing intense internal heat that detoxifies muscles and organs. Get articles, newsletters, and links to learn more.

62. Hatha Yoga Lesson: Students can learn beginning yoga positions with 70 free online yoga animations. There are even poses especially for stress or dealing with addiction.

63. Kundalini Yoga: As brought to the West in 1969 by Yogi Bhajan, it produces results 16 times faster than ordinary yoga. Learn more, or you can even get a free online course for beginners.

64. Prenatal Yoga Center: Learn more about this yoga for expectant mothers on this site. There are even free videos to do at home if you can’t make it to a class and a forum with more information.

65. Isha Yoga of the Divine: Sadhguru founded Isha for inner transformation designed to create an inclusive culture that is the basis for global harmony and progress. Learn more about the foundation or even watch a webcast from India.

66. Dahn Yoga: Body and mind focused for simpler exercises, they have 1,000 centers worldwide. Watch a video, find a center in your area, and more on their website.

67. Pranayama: If you believe diseases can be cured without spending money on costly medicines, operations, or surgery visit this site by Swami Ramdev. It has videos, audio, and more to help in your journey.

68. Centering Tools: This holistic, integrated health practice is designed to support self-healing and development. Entries deal with balance, being present, and even their new podcast.

Best International Yoga and Meditation Blogs

These yoga enthusiasts come from all over the world and blog about everything yoga related and beyond.

69. Yoga, Health, and Wellness in Malaysia: Get the latest in international yoga news here. Jean also helps whit yoga poses, food, and lifestyle.

70. Eco Yogini: EY is a passionate ecoholic, yogini, and feminist from the United Kingdom. Popular posts include bamboo, bioplastics, and eco-yoga mats.

71. Ashtanga Diary: Sue is an Ashtanga yoga nut living in Perth, Australia. Hear all about her studies on meditation and yoga in her up front blog.

72. Find Yoga: This Australian blogger gives a new and exciting look at yoga. There hasn’t been a new post in a while, but Alex does give a different perspective that is worth a look.

73. Eoin’s Blog: He is a disciple of Yoga, Eastern and Western philosophy, martial arts, and meditation from Nova Scotia. Categories of the blog include blissology, yoga practice, and teacher training.

74. Yogue: Inisiya is from Canada and blogs on personally tested products, events that embody sustainability, and the desire to always find beauty in the world. Entries date all the way back to 2006 and deal with a variety of topics.

Best Yoga and Meditation Communities

Meet other yoga minded people by stopping by these sites full of forums, chats, tips, and members just like you.

75. ABC Community: Join the community for free to create your own custom page and be connected with others who share your interests. You can also share pictures, get online resources, and even become a super member.

76. Yoga Today: This is a growing community where you can immerse yourself in a lifestyle of health and wellbeing. Sign up for free membership to get a free, one hour, streaming yoga class. You can also get a paid membership, or download individual classes.

77. Yoga Mates: Sign up to get your own page, or check out the news, music, blogs, poses, and even the free videos. The community also has specialized groups and suggestions.

78. Health and Yoga: Visit this community for yoga instructors to get useful resources such as listings, links to your articles, and tools for your website. Students can also visit the website for tons of information on the practice of yoga.

79. WoYoPracMo: Stop here for yoga practice, connection, and inspiration. After creating your page, you can share a blog, videos, and more.

80. Yoga Romance: Get free online dating for yoga lovers at this site. Create your own page, or browse the current users to learn more about them.

81. United Yogis: Available in several languages, this site has resources for jobs, product reviews, and a special talk Yoga section. Members can upload photos, start a blog, and more. Best Religious Yoga and Meditation Blogs Find out how yoga, meditation, and religion come together by reading these blogs.

82. The Vaishnava Voice: Kripamoya Das is an initiated disciple of His Divine Grace A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada and blogs on many Eastern philosophies. World views, interesting observations, and travels often occupy blog posts.

83. Spirit Soul With Sharva: A Hare Krishna priest looks at today’s world in this blog. Current events, the Bible, and more are explored.

84. Bhagavan Das: He ushered in the New Age Spiritual Movement in the 1960’s and was the first Kirtan Artist in America. Learn more about him, view his photos, or sign up for the mailing list.

Best Yoga and Meditation Publications

These professional publications offer tons of tips for yoga and meditation by leading experts.

85. Yoga, On and Off the Mat: This newspaper like site has the latest in yoga news and much more. You can also get like minded blogs on a variety of other topics here.

86. LA Yoga Magazine: Check out the latest issue of this magazine for Ayurveda and health. Read the latest articles or check out where and when to yoga, get reviews, and more.

87. YOGA Magazine: Published in the UK, it contains news, articles, horoscopes, and even a forum. Simply choose your section and go to get online articles at no charge.

88. Fit Yoga: This magazine covers the modern world of yoga in an easy-to-read manner, while exploring its ancient roots. You can get subscription information, or visit the archive to get articles as a PDF.

89. YOGALife Magazine: Get seven of the archived issues of this magazine online for free. You can even get printable PDF files to download or share.

90. Philadelphia Yoga Examiner: Jonathan Bartlett is the yoga expert for Topics include yoga, chi, and more.

91. Scribd: A quick search on this site turns up some interesting results for yoga. Read “Is Yoga Really Good for You,” “The Beginners Guide to Yoga and Meditation,” and others.

Best Miscellaneous Yoga and Meditation Sites

Stop by these sites and blogs for a look at a specialty area of yoga or meditation.

92. Santosha: One of the oldest and most reliable suppliers of online yoga merchandise, this site is worth a look. They go beyond traditional supplies and carry spoken word, gifts, jewelry, Om symbols, candles, and more.

93. Yoga Day USA: Find upward bliss with a downward dog by locating one of these classes in your area. In the spirit of karma yoga, or service to others, all Yoga Day USA classes and workshops are free or low cost.

94. Yoga Holidays: Learn more about taking a yoga themed vacation by stopping here. Current destinations include Egypt, Morocco, and Thailand.

95. Pose of the Month: Bryan Kest is the leader behind Power Yoga. Stop here for a different pose each month, or visit the main site for products, class information, and more.

96. About Yoga: Yoga Tree in San Francisco tells beginners all about yoga, including frequently asked questions. There is even a 101 section, tips, and information on different styles.

97. Yoga Kids: Get yoga for children, DVD’s, poses, and even tools for the classroom here. There are also useful videos on the homepage to help kids learn more about yoga.

98. Yoga Download: Visit here to get yoga delivered straight to your computer or iPod. Get classes on all sorts of yoga, and they even offer short, 20 minute classes at no charge.

99. rVita: This is a natural healing hub providing various alternative medicine like Acupuncture, Ayurveda, and Yoga to treat chronic diseases and stress etc. Get the latest in news, articles, and even answers from the experts on this site.

100. Mark’s Daily Apple: Author of “The Primal Blueprint,” Mark has loads more information on this alternative lifestyle. Popular entries include the challenge, how to gain weight and build muscle, and getting real.

With the help of these top 100 yoga and meditation blogs, many questions can be answered. Be sure to check with your doctor before trying any new fitness or exercise program.

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