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Travel nursing is hard enough to get started in or continue. But thanks to the internet, you don’t have to do it alone. Check out these 50 nurses you can follow and learn from on Twitter including travel, specialty, nurses at the top of their game, and more. They are organized by current number of followers.

Travel Nurses You Can Follow and Learn From on Twitter

Start your Twittering time off right by having a look at travel nurses just like you.

1. 1916Medical Solutions: Also known as Travel Nursing, visit their site for loads of information and tips. There are also numerous blogs on the site to help you even more. Visit here for almost exclusively travel nursing tweets.

2. BrandonTNS: From Alabama, he is a travel nurse recruiter from Alabama. He even staffs specialties in all 50 states. Check out his tweets for job updates, pay information, and more.

3. TeriRN: Teri serves Christ through nursing. She is also a travel nurse with a specialty in hospice care. Tweets are on daily life and inspirational thoughts.

4. 544Onward Healthcare: This is a leading provider of travel nurse jobs and is based in Connecticut. The website also has more tips and information for travel nurses. Read the tweets for job announcements and news for nurses.

5. SkyFlyNurse: Not necessarily a travel nurse, Blu came from the middle of nowhere and into the world of nursing. Blu is also in RN training in the intensive care unit. Tweets are on school, daily life, and responses to other followers.

6. American Traveler: Visit the blog for entries on nursing, travel, and more. The company also provides recruiting for travel nurses and other medical specialties. A recent tweet was on ten tips for landing a travel nurse job.

7. Epstein LaRue: She is from Idaho and author of the blog, Highway Hypodermics. She has also written three books on the subject of travel nursing. She often tweets on nursing and other healthcare related topics.

8. Deb: Deb is a traveling nurse who also goes by the name NurzePrn. She is into God and fellowship, tech, and growing green. Stop by to see if she will unprotect her tweets for you.

Nurses You Can Follow and Learn From on Twitter

Don’t just stop at travel nurses, get Twitter feeds from nurses across the globe.

9. Richard RN: He is a registered nurse who likes helping others, teaching, learning, and many other things. Richard is also a diabetic. His tweets are on his daily life, as well as responding to his followers tweets.

10. Theresa Atwood: Also known as Midwestern Diva, she is from Indiana. Theresa is also a success coach in addition to an RN. Her tweets often give tips and inspiration.

11. Christian Nurse: Check out these tweets for news, views, and resources for Christians in nursing and other healthcare disciplines. CN also works with midwives and is located in the United Kingdom. Recently there was a drawn out back and forth with a follower over healthcare reform.

12. Dan Weberg: He is a nurse seeking his PhD and owns two businesses. He even tweets and blogs to “change the world.” Get his opinion on nursing and health by following his tweets.

13. Nurses Still Care: Chris H. is an RN from the East Coast. He is also author to the book “Nurses Are From Heaven.” Tweets are on nursing, healthcare, and more.

14. Geek2Nurse: She is an engineer turned nurse. Get loads of information on both nursing and technology here. You can also stop by her blog for more.

15. Roschelle: She is a registered nurse who also authors a blog entitled Inconsequential Logic. Roschelle is also a pseudo freelance writer publishing articles on a variety of topics. Tweets center around daily life and random thoughts.

16. Tristan Rose: This nurse stands out for her unique qualities. She is gay, Australian, and is also a rapper. Random tweets of a various nature can be found, along with explicit language.

17. LuveRN: Carolyn Newstrom is a registered nurse from California. She is interested in learning from the past to create a better future. Tweets often center around the latest in nursing news.

Nurses who Travel You Can Follow and Learn From on Twitter

These nurses stand out for there love of travel and Twitter.

18. JetWithAnya: Anya is the force behind JetwithKids. On her site, she gives tons of useful tips for keeping travel fun and safe for the whole family. Get updates on her site, answers to questions, and more from her tweets.

19. Joy: She is an ER nurse and mother. Joy is also a self described “typical everything enthusiast travel junkie.” Check her out for regular and humorous tweets.

20. Lisa Monson-Potter: Lisa is an eternal optimist, nurse, and mother who loves to travel. Her grandmother was recently hospitalized. Tweets focus on that and messages of inspiration.

21. AnickUAren: Lisa Daniely is a neonatal intensive care nurse. From Atlanta, she “has ticket, will travel.” Tweets are often frank and humorous.

22. LorrySchoenly: She is a registered nurse in Philadelphia who loves to hike. Lorry is also an educator, Biblical advocate, and Civil War buff. Get tweets on nursing, along with whatever else interests her.

23. LeMarianne: Marianne is from the Philippines and her favorite travel destinations are Japan and Europe. Tweets often center around her daily life.

Specialty Nurses You Can Follow and Learn From on Twitter

These Twitter feeds come from nurses who work in a specialty area of medicine.

24. Joe Weaver, RN: He is an RN and author of “The Tao of Quitting Smoking.” His nursing specialties are psych, OMRDD, and Med/Surgery. He tweets on medical and current event topics.

25. Erica Coyle: Her specialty is on med-surgery oncology. She is also a devout Catholic and conservative patriot. In addition to tweets on what’s going on in her life, she also gives recommendations on other Twitter users to follow.

26. Bev Wallace: Beverly also authors a blog entitled Sassy Nurse Says. She recently had to give up her career due to fibromyalgia and is seeking certification for medical transcription.

27. Nurse for Health: Sue has been a registered nurse for over 29 years specializing in pediatric orthopedics, cardiac-thoracic-neuro surgery, neonatal ICU, and hemodialysis. Her philosophy is to bring back the “do no harm” principle of medicine. A regular stream of tweets is on health, daily life, and anything that interests her.

28. InterOpNurse: This nurse specializes in the field of healthcare information technology. The blog is full of tips for software, implementation, and more. Tweets are often both health and technology related.

29. Kristy: An RN from Arizona, she is also a community health nurse. Kristy’s special interest is in preventing suicides. You can get tweets on her daily life, as well as responses to her followers.

30. HowHotareWe: This nurse is also a yoga instructor and counselor. From San Diego, Roseanna keeps a positive and healthy attitude. See what she is up to by following her tweets.

31. Brent Northouse: He is a BSN, RN, and recruiter for DaVita, Inc. Brent also specializes in ESRD, renal failure, kidney disease, and top places to work. Get tweets on nursing, his job, and more.

32. MommyKennedy: Marcy has been a transplant nurse for fifteen years. She is also a frugal lover of deals and mother of three. Posts are on freebies, deals, and nursing.

Nurses on Top You Can Follow and Learn From on Twitter

These nurses are at the top of their game and have loads of wisdom to impart on travel nurses via Twitter.

33. Robert Fraser RN: He is a graduate student in addition to being a registered nurse. He also runs the website,, with loads of useful tips for nurses. Tweets often link to items of interest.

34. Learae: In addition to nursing, she is an entrepreneur and business coach. She is also the executive director of Nurse Entrepreneur Network. Tweets often include nursing topics, and she even recently answered questions for legal nurse consultants.

35. Nerd Nurse: Carole Eldridge is a DNP from Springfield, Missouri. She is also a college dean who embraces nursing, technology, online education and empowering everyone. Stop by to get the latest in health news from her tweets.

36. Sable’s Food: Also known as Alicia, Sable is a registered nurse with a master’s degree in business administration. She championed her own food products for cancer sufferers after she saw a great need in the area. Check out her new offerings, or get more info on cancer from her tweets.

37. What Nurses Do: This anonymous nursing blogger is from New York. She is also head nurse of the practice and blogs about how that came to be. Tweets are exclusively for nurses.

38. Working Nurse: If you live in the Western United States, this site can help you find a job. Other nurses and travel nurses can get forums, articles, and more information. In addition to regular job updates, you can also get items of interest for nurses.

39. Online Nursing: Terri has been a nurse for 14 years and a nurse practitioner for 8 years. Her blog is full of thoughts on nursing, nurse practitioners, service to others and life in general. Get tweets from this advanced practice in nursing by following her.

40. Trempy: Another nurse practitioner, Laura is from North Carolina. She is also a mother and veteran who is interested in free clinics. Tweets involve many nurse related discussions.

41. Foundation Medical: This staffing agency has been specializing in dialysis services since 1999 and is a leader in the industry. Get job updates in this specialty, or learn more from their tweets.

Nurses Other Areas You Can Follow and Learn From on Twitter

Finally, travel nurses can check out these alternative nursing and medical resources by checking out the below.

42. Funny Nurse: The Journal of Nursing Jocularity is a humor magazine for nurses. They even offer a free trial subscription. Stop by for humorous tweets and links to the newest blog posts.

43. John Duncan MD: He is a health practitioner and marketing expert. His website shows other health professionals how to utilize the internet for marketing purposes. Check out his tweets for even more useful tips on this.

44. Get Nursing Jobs: The site posts regular updates on nursing jobs in both the United States and Canada. There is also career information and a community site. Learn how to get or stay on top by checking out their tweets.

45. Abbie Citron: From Los Angeles, Abbie is also a legal nurse consultant in addition to being an RN. She works with attorneys on various related medical cases. Tweets are often on the health and legal realm.

46. Mary Beth: Also known as the Boomer Body Coach, she is a nurse who is now studying to be a professional health coach and cancer coach. She found great results with a cleanse/detox and tells you more on her site. Get timely tips for health, along with other subjects, via her tweets.

47. Gluten Free RN: Do you have gluten sensitivity or know someone who does? Then check out Shelly’s tweets. She is a nurse from Canada who has been living with Celiac disease for over five years.

49. NurseHub: Follow NurseHub to connect with other nurses. Located in Alabama it useful for those who are an RN , LPN , CRNP , or CRNA, along with travel nurses. A recent tweet called for entries in what questions nurses would like answered.

50. VP Medical: Victoria is from Arkansas and is a legal consultant, life care planner, and MSA allocator. She is also a nurse and often tweets on her work and daily life.

Make those nursing travels a little less lonely with this leading social networking site. Even nurses who don’t travel will find someone insightful in these 50 travel nurses you can follow and learn from on Twitter.